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Special Sessions at ITQM 2016, Asan, Korea, Aug 16-18, 2016


4rd Intelligent Decision Making and Extenics based Innovation

Chaired by Xingsen Li (NIT, Zhejiang University, China,email: )

Chunyan Yang (Guangdong University of Technology, email: )

Yanwei Zhao(Zhejiang University of Technology, China,email:

Chaoyi Pang (Commonwealth Science and Industries Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia, email: )

Yanbin Liu(NIT, Zhejiang University, China,

With the rapid development of information technology, knowledge acquisition through data mining becomes one of the most important directions of scientific decision-making; however, Utilizing computer and Internet to solve contradictory problems and carry out exploration and innovation is still an ideal for human beings. Extenics is a new inter-discipline of mathematics, information, philosophy and engineering including Extension theory, extension innovation methods and extension engineering. It is dedicated to exploring the theory and methods of solving contradictory problems uses formalized models to explore the possibility of extension and transformation of things and solve contradictory problems intelligently. The intelligent methods aim to provide targeted decision-making on the transformation of the practice which is facing the challenges of data explosion. Artificial intelligence and intelligent systems offer efficient mechanisms that can significantly improve decision-making quality. Through ITQM, participants can further discuss the state-of-art technology in the Intelligent Decision Making and Extenics based Innovation field as well as the problems or issues occurred during their research. The topics and areas include, but not limited to:

* Extenics based Information methods and technology

* Intelligent knowledge management based on Extenics

* Intelligent Information Management and Problem Solving based on Extenics

* Knowledge Mining on E-business based on Extenics

* Intelligent Systems and its Applications based on Extenics

* Intelligent Logistics Management and Web of Things combined with Extenics

* Web Marketing and CRM based on Extenics

* Intelligent Data Analysis and Financial Management based on Extenics

* Intelligent technology and Tourism Management based on Extenics

* Innovation theory and Extenics based Methods

* Extenics based Decision Making

* Extension data mining and its Applications

* Web Intelligence and Innovation based on Extenics

* Knowledge based Systems and decision-making theory combined with Extenics

* Soft power and soft technology based on Extenics

* Big data technology and decision making based on Extenics